Welcome to Markemall

We are active in the area of logistics, corporate & private security,
remote management and gaming as well as
office automisation.

Our strong point is our originality and creativity. Our software solutions make a lot of use of AI and unique development procedures.
Experts in MYSQL, PHP, C, Quick Macros, Javascript, CSS/HTML/Ajax and Unity.
Our management is from the Netherlands and our Main Office is in Spain.
We speak Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German and English of course.

We have the following products :
- Remote company management
- Visual, Audio and Computer surveillance
- Tools to speed up office work
- Logistics and Transport management system - integrated with accounting and sales
- Original Games

      We make any software for any sector or private users from scratch for our customers.
            If you describe to us what application you need we will send you an offer.
                   Of course we are also personally at your disposal in Germany, The Netherlands,
                         Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

                                    For any inquiry please send an email to admin(at)markemall.com